At the beginning of my health journey, I felt defeated.


I was told my body was "attacking itself" by conventional doctors because I had an "autoimmune disorder." 


I had thyroid/adrenal imbalances and an overburdened liver that was causing a whole list of digestive, skin, & cognitive issues-- along with the worst sinus allergies and 'food intolerances' I could imagine


I’m on a mission to help women & men move beyond symptoms and into more connection with themselves. 

With over 10 years in the wellness world and being a witness to how hard this path can be--


I guide you to:


reconnect with food,

trust your body more,

get out of flight or fight,

let go of restrictive tendencies,

understand your symptoms on a core level.

& heal on all levels mind, body, soul. 

Get out of overwhelm & frustration:

What would it feel like to understand your symptoms (and exactly why they are happening) so you can finally surrender & send your body into a healing state?

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 5.16.11 PM.png

Learn from my "mistakes."

I was spending all of my time trying different protocols, turning myself into a guinea pig.

Feeling obsessively restrictive, fearful of every food I put in my body, trying every supplement, doing all of the lab testing, putting myself through a functional medicine school, taking every nutrition course on the internet, researching for months--even years straight. 

It doesn't have to be this hard.

I wish someone told me this. 


Do you resonate with these, could you be a:


Perhaps you continue to brush your symptoms under the rug because 'it's just not bad enough.' 



You keep yourself busy by keeping up with all the things you think you 'should' be doing. Caring, working, cleaning.



And then you fall into the trap of prioritizing everything else besides yourself. 

You might seek immediate relief or numbing, pretending like it's fine.



Emotional eating, food addiction, alcohol to de-stress, caffeine to keep you alive, Adderral to make you productive, over the counter meds or prescriptions you have been on far too long.


You spend your hours before bed stressing about all the perceived failings/mistakes and how life just isn't how you thought it would be. 


You learned to always do everything on your own-- yet you are still not helping yourself. 

NO JUDGEMENT... I've been ALL of these.

Time to LET THESE GO. 

Soul Wellness Integration

This is why I created a method to move through symptoms with self-compassion. (Coming soon!)


To make food/lifestyle changes with acceptance rather than perfectionist tendencies, a judging attitude, and a self defeatist outlook.


Let go of the feeling of 'doing it wrong.'


You will have a renewed trust in your body.


A reconnection.


A feeling like you are finally yourself again.




Get out of confusion when it comes to reading labels.
Loose weight, have regular bowel movements, have more energy, lower inflammation, eat higher nutritional foods.  


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