About Me:

I am a modern day medicine woman incorporating invaluable knowledge of functional medicine, biological belief systems, and holistic nutrition. 

Through authentic, individualized, and intuitively guided sessions I help clients:

  • To re-wire, reframe your limiting belief patterns so you can stick to habits and stay disciplined. 

  • To trust your inner wisdom when it comes to a whole foods philosophy. 

  • To forge your own path so that you can create long-term sustainable healing for any symptom or condition.

  • To become your own healer and your own advocate as you let go of victim mindset and feel called to personal responsibility. 

I discovered through my own teachers that the best practitioners are those who are compassionate but also willing to lovingly push you to your edge. 




I am on a heart-driven mission to change the story about how we perceive health. 

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I am a life-long learner and researcher.

I am constantly evolving my healing modalities through truly life-changing and transformational education and training at each stage of my own healing and evolution.


Over the past decade, I have invested my time, money and energy in many different teachings around health.


  • I studied Holistic Integrative Nutrition and have a certification from the School of Applied Functional Medicine

  • I have done trainings/intensives on re-wiring thoughts & healing inner child wounds. 

  • I use biological belief system tools to help shift mindsets and overcome fear, paralyzation, and guilt which all affect our habits. 

  • I also studied Self-Compassion Meditation with Kristen Neff and Chris Germer. And I am certified in yoga instruction and multiple movement modalities.


I am able to extract valuable knowledge from all of my certifications and studies. I break it down, simplify it, and implement it in my coursework and individual sessions.

I provide you with tools to guide you to take an active role in your personal transformation. 


I became a practitioner because at the hardest moments of my healing I was desperately looking for someone to guide me in the right direction.


I wanted someone to resonate and understand on a core level what I was experiencing and going through.


When I felt at a complete loss I had realized I hit my breaking point one too many times.​

  • I had an auto-immune condition, under-active thyroid, exhausted adrenals, a congested liver. All leading to fatigue, digestive issues, skin conditions, allergies, brain fog, zero concentration skills etc. 

  • I also felt incredibly paralyzed in indecision, stagnant in my career, had no ability to be present in life.

  • I lacked confidence and belief in myself, kept going through the same self sabotage routine. I feared uncertainty around health so I constantly grasped for control.

  • I turned myself into a human guinea pig. I became incredibly obsessed with finding the answer to the root cause of my symptoms. Along the way I uncovered many things. 

What I learned was that these limiting behaviors do nothing for the nervous system which plays an integral role in your immune health and healing. This is when the journey began.


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How do I integrate who I am into a session:

I’ve struggled to clearly define and explain exactly how I help people. So here is a go at it. 


  • I see the things that hold individual's back and their most deeply rooted blocks. 

  • I share these insights and they lead an ability to tap into unconscious layers..

  • I see the connections between the experiences you have had in healing and hardships and translate them into practical action steps to take. 

  • I reflect everything back to you, to guide you to arrive at your own decisions, to help shift the way you think about challenges and setbacks.

  • I can often see into the parts that people are afraid to reveal, but in time, usually within the first session they feel the safe container that I cultivate.


My goal is to get you to a point where you are able to move beyond the same old story, step in to your power and have major breakthroughs. 

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