Are you ready for transformation?



  • You are ready and open to learning how to trust your intuition and inner knowing. 

  • You are willing to reclaim and own a different path to healing, even if it means going against the grain. 

  • You are open to discuss emotions, beliefs, fears.

  • You’re open to allowing this experience to take you into your next level; emotionally, spiritually, and health wise. 


  • If you’re clinging to old beliefs without a willingness to change.

  • If you do not believe that you have the power to rearrange your reality. 

  • If you are not fond of practitioners compassionately pushing you to your edge.

  • If you are not willing to invest in yourself monetarily or make yourself a priority.

  • If you are only looking for a quick fix rather than long-term sustainable healing. 

The results of this work are powerful.


But only if you are willing to go deep, to get honest with yourself, to take ownership & personal responsibility. 

To leave the victim mentality behind.

You will notice:


  • Less overwhelm, less anxiety, less brain fog, less attachment to outcome.

  • A discovery of your root causes of digestive, hormonal and immune system issues.

  • Lowered inflammation.

  • You will have more energy, improved concentration, memory and calmed nervous system

  • You will have an increased awareness of foods and nutrients that fuel your body without the confusion. 

  • You will come into a place of deep inner trust in your health and an unparalleled sense of worthiness

You Have the Power to Heal

Common Areas of Focus:


gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


seasonal allergies, sinus infections, stuffy nose or asthma.


PMS, estrogen dominance, thyroid, PCOS, low energy, chronic fatigue, "adrenal fatigue"


acne, rosacea, eczema, hives, psoriasis or unexplained rashes


rheumatoid arthritis, hashimoto’s, lupus, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease etc. 


depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, headaches, lack of focus, ADD/ADHD or brain fog


achy joints, muscle pain, headaches, arthritis or fibromyalgia



I had tried working with traditional nutritionists but felt totally lost after being told,

“Well, you seem to be healthy, let’s start counting calories.”


Elisia helped me identify stress triggers, acknowledge previous trauma, and develop

new habits to help change how I interact with myself and with others.


She helped me look inward, literally (gut issues, food nutrients, supplements) and

figuratively (mind, spirit) to heal things like hormone imbalance, digestive issues,

and negative self talk. 


After countless doctor appointments, spiraling research, and money towards amazon supplements that Instagram told me to buy because I had self-diagnosed SIBO (turns

out I didn’t). 


After every meal I looked like I was preggo and then crying in the mirror. My thyroid

meds from my doctor made me more tired.  She understood to a point where I didn’t

even have to explain myself. 


Taking everything at my pace including the (very doable) reset, looking into the right supplements, and inner self work. It was all on my time, but she gave me double the



“Working with Elisia has been such a positive experience. She taught me the true meaning of the mind/body connection and the importance of introspection, self-love and awareness. Having her guidance to focus on certain areas has helped me attain clarity, understanding and an overall sense of well-being. She is compassionate in her teaching and is able to connect with me in ways that resonate with my life.  I am truly grateful.”


I've been working with Elisia for a few years now and it has truly been an amazing journey and process. Before working with Elisia, I had been doing some work on myself on my own, but felt there was more that I could do. Since starting working with Elisia, I found early on that she has an amazing ability to really help me to dig deep into and work through some pretty deep seated beliefs that were really not working for me anymore, but in such a very caring, gentle, and compassionate way that was also quite intuitive.


I have noted some pretty big changes that I have made:

-Greatly reduced my caffeine intake - this was a huge change for me

-Greatly reduced my alcohol intake -don’t even have the same desire to drink it as much. 

-Greatly reduced my running to help my body heal

-Focusing on getting enough hours of sleep