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What would it take to create true + lasting clarity in your health journey? 


Telling us how to eat, how to move, how to think- this protocol, no that protocol.. - we really stopped listening to ourselves and gave up on our personal navigation system.

We are told symptoms are bad, take this pill.


What if symptoms were your bodies actual mechanism of healing?



And what if you understood that without fear?

So every-time you had a symptom come up, you knew exactly why its coming up, and what to do with it?


It's time to tune in to our body + soul- to understand, on a much deeper level... what is at play.

You are the only authority when it comes to your health.... you take what resonates...

you leave what doesn't.

No more doubt, confusion, & overwhelm.

This is your opportunity to truly integrate all of the aspects of wellness, mind, body soul and do the inner work required for lasting healing.

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Getting to the root of modern day symptoms and conditions.

Gut healing, hormone balancing, immune system balancing, chronic fatigue, adrenal/thyroid, digestion, inflammation self- healing modules.

Soul Work exercises that allow us to let go of beliefs that hold us back from obtaining the health we desire.

Updated for 2021-- a vetted list of 150+ anti inflammatory products/foods to buy that are GF/DF/Refined sugar/oil free.  Also, cleaning/personal care product guide.

Becoming a food detective (decoding ingredient labels.) How the food industry influences our health. 

And more!

3- One hour long breakthrough sessions.

(One per month) (Scheduled at your convenience!)


Weekly- hour long group checkins' for support. (TBD Wednesday nights 7:00PM, sessions recorded, *optional but encouraged!)


12- weeks of support and 50 + quick modules on educational/soul based topics.

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Embracing intuition & approaches to health that resonate.

Taking a deeper look at the conventional medical system.

Importance of personal responsibility & letting go of victim mentality.

Root cause & genes (how our genes don't control our health.)




Looking at belief systems and how they are formed.

Subconscious beliefs can affect our health in really deeply rooted ways.

Uncovering them & addressing them is necessary for emotional & physical health.




Taking a look at fear and obstacles.

Discovering your "why" for wanting to feel good in your body & mind.

Implementing a meditation or gratitude practice.

Looking at symptoms in a radically new way that promotes healing.




Becoming a food detective, decoding ingredient labels.

Understanding the pitfalls of our food industry.

Letting go of calorie counting, weigh in's, portion control.

There is no perfect "diet."

Meat/vegetarian philosophy.

Eating mindfully/supportive digestion tips.




Our beliefs are mostly unconscious, I will always be rejected, I am unworthy, I am not good enough, I have to be in control to safe etc.

We identify the role these are playing in our healing. We will dive deep into this! Why do we keep replaying the same patterns over and over?




Leaky gut/intestinal permeability, immune system health, understanding gluten, how its processed, and how it may affect healing.


Understanding how dis-ease begins in the gut.




Replacing old beliefs, reactions, stories and assumptions with new behaviors will lead to new ways of experiencing this life.

Building an arsenal of evidence to prove your limiting beliefs don't need to run your life.

Overcoming indecision and paralyzation.



Introduction to the anti-inflammatory food philosophy.

Importance of lifestyle shifts through education of how certain foods when not in high quality form affect us.

Food prepping/throw it together meal tutorials from local chef!



Cleaning out the pantry and introducing new foods/products.

Grocery shopping.

Being prepared for moments of craving,

Navigating restaurants.

Dealing with commentary from family & friends.



Food philosophy reset start date! Anti-inflammatory, immune system supporting.

Water, energy & sleep, circadian rhythms.

Personal-care products.




Constipation/digestive symptoms.

Optional modules on: Omega 3's, microbiome health, the cholesterol myth.

adrenals, hormone health, birth control.



Embracing what might come up symptom/soul wise.

Discussion on reintroduction.

Sustainable lifestyle changes.

Wrap up of course.

Setting intentions for our healing.

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I want to invite you to be a part of SOUL WELLNESS INTEGRATION


I have come up with a methodology of self-healing inspired by all of the amazing thought leaders & practitioners I have worked with/learned from.


If you think you have tried everything, you haven't and I am happy to hop on a call with you to make sure that you haven't.


You do not have to have a specific condition to work with me.


You just have to be open to the idea that you are your own best medicine. 


This course includes three 1:1 sessions... weekly/bi-weekly live Q/A calls & a community support page where you can interact with like-minded humans in a time of overwhelm.

My mind just continues to be B-L-O-W-N with learning all this information! I worked one-on-one with a functional nutritionist for 4 months before Elisia... spending hundreds of dollars on tests and never talked about ANY of these things!! So very grateful for you Elisia <3 


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"Elisia--- even though I believe everything about what's happening and why its happening, I am still so mind blown. 3 weeks ago I was taking multiple units of insulin up to 6 times per day for meals and snacks as well as a shot every night before bed.


Now I'm not taking insulin before meals and also starting to cut out my nighttime dose. If I'm taking care of myself in such a way that I'm not requiring insulin ... that's essentially being a non-diabetic.


I know I'm not exactly there yet, but I've decreased the amount of medicine I need by like 90% and I literally can't contain my excitement. THANK YOU times one million for all of the knowledge & encouragement."

-SOUL WELLNESS INTEGRATION participant. (one month in)