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Location: 41 Pickering Ave. Portsmouth NH, 03801

$32 for 60 minute class including 15 minutes fun play/paddle time/savasana & instruction.

$22 for Bring Your Own Board (I provide anchor.)

$75 Private Instruction/Beginners 75 min.

$2 off if you use Venmo. @Elisia-Morgani (Name-date-# of ppl please confirm with me via text) 

Bachelorettes, Birthdays, Company Outings, Weekday classes etc. 

Organize Groups/Schedule Privates --Call/Email with desired dates/times:

***I may cancel sessions at anytime due to weather/low #'s. 
Additional WEEKDAY CLASSES will be announced on a weekly basis please follow me on instagram/on Facebook for updates. or subscribe to my newsletter. 


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More dates to come, please reach out with special date requests! 


~ I have no paddle board experience, is this something I can participate in?
Absolutely! No experience paddle boarding is necessary. Mostly half or more of all classes are beginners so you are not alone! A lot of people are surprised by how much fun it is despite having no experience. It is however helpful to have attended yoga classes and have done some form of paddling before. Each class will teach you very basic paddle boarding skills. The more open you are, the more fun you will have! If you have a lot of fear about being on water/ falling in the water please schedule a private session. 

~I don't have a board, do you have them at the Marina?

Yes! I have 8 boards available for you. The cost of a class includes anchor, class, and board!

~I have my own board but I don't have an anchor, can I come?
Yes. It is $22, I provide you with an anchor. You can bring your own life jacket or borrow one!

~Can I organize a group?/Can I take a one-on-one with you?

YES! I love groups, bachelorettes/bachelor, birthday's, team outings, retreats, meditations, just a float and not yoga.
4+ $32 per person per class.

2-3 $50 per person per class.

1 $85 per person per class for one hour. 

~ Do I need to be able to swim?
YES! All participants must be able to swim unassisted for their safety and for the safety of all students. A Personal Floatation Device (PFD) will be provided. If you are not a confident swimmer, you may choose to wear the PFD throughout class.

~What should I bring and wear?
Unless you plan to bring your own equipment, your class will include a paddleboard, paddle, anchor, leash and (PFD). Wear comfortable, supportive clothing that you don’t mind getting wet in. People wear shorts or yoga pants, long sleeves for sun protection, or some wear bathing suits, totally up to you! Just plan for whatever type of weather. Wear plenty of sunscreen. Bring a hat if you prefer. If you wear sunglasses/glasses, you might donate them to the ocean unless you have a strap. Option to bring a towel, change of clothes, flip flops, and water to enjoy before/after class. No personal items, such as cell phones, will be brought to class. Leave all personal belongings secured in your car or have them stowed away at the marina.

~ Are there restrooms at the Marina?
There is an 'outdoor' bathroom, aka Port-o-Potty. 

~ Is it difficult to stay on the board doing the poses?
Practicing yoga on the water will be more challenging than a land practice, but still so much fun. We keep movements low to the board and identify when we feel unstable and come down to table-top. We become more aware in the moment, and move with the breath, which creates better focus, balance and strength. We practice on boards that are sturdy which will help with your balance and stability on the water.

~ What happens if I fall in or is it common that people fall in?
There's always a chance you could fall in and if you do, we have fun with it and get back up! Falling in the water can be rewarding and refreshing after we build up heat. After the first time of falling-in, the fear is gone and we look at the postures in a new light, without the fear of making a splash. Sometimes it happens to the best of us, I have fallen in a couple times while teaching! It's not an indication of skill level.

~ How long is class? Do I need to arrive early?
Class is 75 minutes total, but block two hours to give yourself time to arrive and park, and time to chat before and after class. Arriving 10 minutes before class starts is necessary will help ensure that we get to enjoy the most time on the water and get necessary instruction! Please know that weekends at the marina are busy!

​~ What if it rains?
In the event of inclement weather, you will be contacted to notify you of any cancellation. If it’s just gray but still warm out- class will continue. Sometimes its nice to not have the sun beating on you! If there’s thunder and lightning, it’s a no-go and your class will be refunded. High winds are also cause for cancellation. In the event that class is cancelled, you will be given a rain-check.

~Where should I park?

It is downtown Portsmouth at Esther's Marina LLC There is parking across the road from Sanders Fish Market, limited spots at the Marina and on the Mechanic Street of the Marina, parking at the Parrot Ave lot, Town Hall, otherwise it is paid parking. Carpool if possible.

~Is the ocean cold?
Depends on your tolerance! But it's refreshing! And nobody every complains about falling in! 

~What if I fall in all the time and can’t balance at all?
You will be surprised at how stable the stand up paddle boards are. Childs pose is also an option. 


-When is it better to schedule a private lesson with you?

If you have any reservations or anxieties or fears, please book a private with me. A group setting is not ideal for those who have a lot of fear around being on water or water activities or being on board. We will be doing yoga on the board. If you want to do a private or a group lesson please inquire. 


No refunds if you can't make it. Depending on the situation I will offer that you can come for a future class. But you are reserving a board and this means another person could not come because you held a spot.