How I work with clients:

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Guided Group Virtual Course Work


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1:1 Sessions

What is included in a 1:1 Intuitively Guided Session? 

One-On-One Session:

Personal Health History Review and wellness plan

Symptom questionnaire & analysis


Tool-Kit for Healing:

Get to the actual root cause of symptoms and conditions

Detailed & individualized follow-up notes

Goals surrounding lifestyle shifts

Whole Nutrient Dense Food Recommendations:

Learn how to let go of trending diets and confusion

Move towards a whole foods way of living with an understanding of labels and what to buy

Access more of an intuitive approach to eating

Email Support

In-Between Sessions: 

48-hour turnaround with support/Q&A 

I encourage my clients to use me as a resource, and never hesitate to reach out

Education On Your

Toxic Burden:

Identify your exposure to personal care products, & food-derived toxins

Learn practical tools to detoxify & cleanse the body

Integration of  


& Mindfulness:

Connect with your inner wisdom

Holistic self-work to re-program limiting beliefs and judgements

Focused movement integration for pain/daily ritual

Individual & Group Offerings:

Do you feel like it’s time to move into alignment with your body and soul to create true, lasting health?


12-weeks of soul-shifting content with individual 1:1 sessions. 

BEGINS Mid-June 2021 12 women.

Payment plans available for all offers!

1:1 offerings include the course as well and can be started at any time. 

Small Groups of 6 and under also welcome to start at any time. 

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